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Homecoming 2020

November 2, 2020 5:31pm | Skywriter Staff Members

Congratulations to the 2020 to Kathryn Childs, Queen and Garrett Gumper, King Congratulations! The seniors won this year’s Spirit Award for having the most participation throughout the week with 12 points. The juniors were second with 11 points, the freshmen had 10, and the sophomores […]

Are You Having A Tough Time Maintaining Friendships These Days?

October 20, 2020 2:22pm | Skywriter Staff Members

  By Halle Curtis  In 2020, my friendships have mainly stayed the same, but some of my friends and I have lost touch. Due to the pandemic and the start of online learning, my classmates, that I would see on a daily basis, are now […]

How is your mental health?

October 20, 2020 1:29pm | Ethan Corser

I think the most helpful advice is that you should understand when to worry because I know many people including me that worry a bit too much and can learn when to not worry as much. The small comforts in my life are music, video […]

How Should Schools Hold Students Accountable for Hurting Others?

October 20, 2020 1:13pm | Kassidy Alexander

Students shouldn’t be bullying others at school. Each and every one of us is amazing in our own ways and no one deserves to be bullied for being who we are. I believe every school should punish the kids that bully. The kids they’re bullying […]

Should We Have Year Round School?

October 6, 2020 12:05pm | Shelby Boden

In the article “Should American Schools Go Year Round?” written by Sindhu Nair, he uses points across the article on reasons why American students should go year-round and the benefits of it. The author uses facts, examples, and statistics to support his claim.  On the […]

How do you feel about active shooter drills?

November 7, 2019 4:10pm | Skywriter Staff

 By Megan Schittenhelm I personally feel that we need active shooting drills at school. Since the beginning of 2019, there have been 22 school mass shootings in the U.S.  At my school, I feel that our active shooting drills are not beneficial to the students […]

Should Students Get Mental Health Days Off From School?

September 27, 2019 1:06pm | Kaden Konopka, Carol Santa Ana, Caleb Sherman

I think that all students deserve the option of a mental health day but only with proper cause. I think a student should have to be diagnosed with a mental illness to be given time off for it. Mental health issues are a very big […]

Did You Take Part in Any Thanksgiving or Post-Holiday Traditions?

November 28, 2018 6:56pm | Students from Communications Class

 By Lauren Hassenzahl    My favorite Thanksgiving traditions are my mom and I always cook Wednesday night and Thursday morning and we eat at noon than at 5:30 pm we go to Walmart to start Black Friday shopping. I think that as I keep getting […]

Would You Like to Be Famous?

October 20, 2017 1:00am | Staff

What makes life meaningful is how you make the small things into a big thing. I agree with that but I also that what makes life meaningful is your perspective on the little things and you see as a big thing. What makes me feel […]

Where in the World Would You Most Like to Travel?

February 13, 2017 7:24pm | By Tori Beckwith

My dream destination is on the list of this year’s travel section’s places to go issue. If money was not an issue, I would love to go to Placencia, Belize. I love the sun and warm weather, so Placencia would be the perfect place for […]