A Project for Better Journalism chapter

What ideas do you have to improve your favorite spot?

My favorite sport to watch and to compete in is gymnastics. Although there are four different events in gymnastics, what I find most interesting is none of the events are similar and competing in gymnastics is like having and practicing for four different sports in one. Although gymnastics is a pretty good well-rounded sport something that could change is the leotard. I believe a company could possibly come out with possible leotards being more soft spandex material. What draws me to gymnastics is all the struggles it puts me through to overcome a fear or mental block. This sport is so fun but very stressful as it challenges me in ways I never thought as this sport forces you to overcome a fear of being 4 feet in the air, on a 4-inch beam, jumping, flipping, and spinning on it. This sport causes a lot of mental blocks but as soon as one gets over it, it is a huge accomplishment. To accomplish anything like that I believe gymnasts should be in a more comfortable, easier to move in, and stretchable leotard.