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How Should Schools Hold Students Accountable for Hurting Others?

Students shouldn’t be bullying others at school. Each and every one of us is amazing in our own ways and no one deserves to be bullied for being who we are. I believe every school should punish the kids that bully. The kids they’re bullying get severely hurt from it and who knows what their home life is like. If it’s the first time the kid has been caught bullying someone, they should start with a suspension. It may be much but the kid needs to learn his/her lesson. The second time, the student should be expelled from school. I haven’t been the type to bully or get bullied but this one time a few years ago this girl would talk about my family and me. That was very unacceptable in all ways. She was saying stuff to other students so I brought it up to the principal and counselor. A few days went by and the girl stopped speaking to me completely after she apologized and served her punishment. I think my school handled it pretty well and wouldn’t change anything.  Post a picture of a no bully zone sign.