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Are You Having A Tough Time Maintaining Friendships These Days?


By Halle Curtis 

In 2020, my friendships have mainly stayed the same, but some of my friends and I have lost touch. Due to the pandemic and the start of online learning, my classmates, that I would see on a daily basis, are now at home, so I do not get the opportunity to see them at all. On a different note,  I have stayed in good contact with my close friends, but it is harder to find time to hang out or do things because of the limited amount of leisure activities open. The fact that most of my friends go to school or play sports with me helps a lot with staying connected. We are able to see each other and maintain that bond. Another thing that makes hanging out with friends hard is the views of their parents. Some parents will not let their children hang out with others due to the virus, which is totally understandable. Some parents are also more lenient on wearing a mask or how many times you should hand sanitizer throughout the day. With the pandemic happening, though, you are able to see who your true friends are by telling which ones stick around through the hard times.


   By Eden Matthews

I have had a hard time keeping my friends that are not in the same sports as I am. Even have all these social media accounts to contact them through I’m not the best texter and it sounds like I’m uninterested half of the time. It has definitely affected my mental health. I feel sad because I feel like it’s my fault when really it’s not anyone’s fault it just happens. To me, friendship in 2020 looks more like a quick facetime call that is awkward and mainly silent, like I said it’s hard to keep a friendship in 2020 unless your friend can drive in which case most of mine can not. I have been making more friends with the upperclassmen lately because of sports, however, and my best advice that I could give to do that is to just be you, don’t be scared to tell them how you feel about a certain thing because even if they don’t agree with you a good friend would respect how you feel. The best way, in my opinion, to keep old friendships from drifting is to check in with them once and a while makes sure everything is going well for them you can also try to make plans with them and if they want to bring a new friend of theirs along let them the more the merrier!


By Brooke Andrulis

Through this pandemic, it has brought me closer to my friends. I realized what friends are my real friends and who I need in my life. Although I couldn’t see my friends in person for a while, we still kept in touch through the internet. When the pandemic first started I felt very distant from my friends for a while, but then I figured out other ways to talk to them and see what was going on with them. Having a close circle of friends who you know you trust is better than a lot of friends who you don’t trust. In a way, I’m kind of glad this has happened because it brought us closer to the people we love the most.