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H-H Writers, Student Life

The Night Before Portfolio

Twas the night before portfolio,
And all through the school,
Stress filled the hallways.

Except for the one,
The one who has it done.
He has a name and that is York,
He’s only sane.

A laugh sneaks out.
He grabs his things.
A crazy smile comes on out,
And he starts to talk.

Everyone listened,
As he told them it isn’t that bad.
Just breathe and take a second.
He said,

Follow your papers.
Don’t add anything to it,
Just follow them work by word.
Have questions ready.

But have answers prepared.
Introduce yourself and shake their hands.
Don’t forget to speak clearly,
And to make sure you breathe.

Don’t talk to fast,
Look them in the eyes.
At the end, ask them if they have any questions,
Answer them as truthful as you can.

Don’t forget to ask them questions,
Then write them down.
Then you shake their hand and leave the room,
You sit there and wait until they come and get you.