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H-H Writers

The Night Before Exams

‘Twas the night before exams, when all through the school
Not a student was lurking, not even a fool.
The pencils were sharpened by the paper with care,
In hopes they would pass the next day they were there.

The students were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of exam questions danced in their heads.
And the teachers in there office, and I in my living room,
Had just been studying all night waiting for my doom.

When out of nowhere my alarm went beep
I hit it hard and jumped with a leap.
Away to my dresser I flew like a flash,
Tore open the closet and threw on a sash.

The sun coming out from the night time clouds
Gave my eyes a frighten and makes them pound,
when , what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But the bus zooming past me as I yell “over here!”

With a little old car, so lively and fast,
I knew in a moment I would be last.
More rapid that a cheetah, I ran through the lanes,
And I hear the teachers calling out names.

Now Abby! Now Katie!
Now McKenna! Now Karren!
On, Sally! On, Susie!
On, Bob and Ryan!
To the computer!
To the podium!
Now pencils ready!
And everyone go!

Drying up my tears before I get there,
When I see the teacher, she asks me “why are you here?”
I answered with “exams” and she said “ok.”
With a tear in my eye I saw the exam and said “no way!”

I sprang out of the desk as soon as I was done.
I knew when I turned it in that I did total buns.
And away I went home straight to my bed,
I passed out and nothing filled my head.