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Officer Roe

Being arrested at a young age can affect many people in different ways. One is having the person change their actions and growing up being a cop for Jackson County. 

“I’ve been arrested before too. I’ve been arrested when at college, It was Mock rock weekend. I got arrested for underage drinking, had to spend the night in jail luckily I had a buddy with money to bail me out. If I could take that one back.” Deputy Ben Roe said.

Deputy Roe has been on the force for 20 years and first started working in Monroe, Michigan for a year but is now has been with Jackson County since 1999.

“ It was my second day on the job for the city of Monroe where a suspect hijacked a car. The suspect comes into Monroe and gets out of the car and starts to run from us. We found him sitting on a bed topper with a gun in his hand. We ended up talking him out of shooting the gun but then he ended up wanting to shoot himself luckily we talked him out of that. Calmed him down and took him into custody and is now serving life in prison for killing a four-year-old girl in Detroit.” Deputy Roe said.

Deputy Roe has not shot a person in his 20 years of service. “ I do have to take my gun out of my holster a lot, especially at night.” Deputy Roe said.

That isn’t the only Deputy Roe hasn’t have happened. 

“I have never been bribed, though I hear about it.” Deputy Roe said.

But Deputy Roe has done other things he wishes he hadn’t.

“I had to bust my own kid once. He made a bad decision and it was during the summer, this was just a few years ago, and he made a bad decision which ended up being the best decision because hopefully, he’s cleaning himself up.” Deputy Roe said. Looking back at it, I think I should’ve protected him as a father rather than a cop.”

Not only did he have to deal with his kid getting into trouble but also his sheriff. The sheriff had a lawsuit filed on him about discrimination and creating a hostile work environment. 

“Well, it’s tough because both individuals that are involved are great friends of mine. At first, when it hit the papers, I felt that the resignation would have been the best thing to do, not for him alone but for all the deputies.” Deputy Roe said. “ But now that it’s played out, I think that it’s gonna be okay because I’m not sure why it’s gonna be okay. I think people realized that the sheriff isn’t what is being betrayed in the newspaper.”

Being a cop comes with the many different ideas that have been brought up over the years like teachers having guns and there were stricter gun laws that may or may not take effect. 

“I love that idea. I love it and you wanna know what? It’s a different kind of atmosphere down here in Hanover and out at Grass Lake because you guys are more out in the country and it’s about 50/50 out in Michigan Center and East Jackson. There are some teachers I don’t trust with guns, there some cops I don’t trust with guns but yeah because I’m only here one day a week.” Deputy Roe said. “ If something were to happen here and a teacher is armed, they would be the first responders and statistics show that shootings are done within three or four minutes and it takes me a half-hour to get out here in the morning. So teachers with guns are good, properly trained of course.”

Deputy Roe showed us candor throughout the entire interview, including when it came to talking about his job and his family.