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How do you feel about active shooter drills?

 By Megan Schittenhelm

I personally feel that we need active shooting drills at school. Since the beginning of 2019, there have been 22 school mass shootings in the U.S.  At my school, I feel that our active shooting drills are not beneficial to the students nor the teachers. Teachers are always made aware of the drills beforehand and normally tell the students. When students know that it’s just a drill, they are more likely not going to take it seriously. There is also never a correct way to prepare students for what might happen during an active shooting drill. Active shooting drills do not scare me because I know when it is just a drill. Drills do not make me feel safer due to the fact that the shooter(s) knows that there are students in every classroom hiding. Every shooter has been a student and knows how most schools prepare for the worst. 

 By Skylar Henry

I think that these drills have become more and more needed over time. I don’t see any valid reason that could be argued as to why doing these drills would be a bad thing. Even if a shooting never happens at that school, it is still good to practice just in case because you really never know these days. An easy uneducated answer to this problem would be to get rid of guns but realistically that will never happen here and for good reason. But I do think that if schools are going to do shooting drills they should also put more focus into the mental health of their students given that that is how these things start. That is how I feel about shooting drills being needed in schools. 


By Corbin Garcia-Vance

Active shooter drills I feel are something that needs to be acted out, but at the same time, I think it would be tough to do because there are so many ways it can happen. A shooter plans things out. They choose a door their going to walk in, they find a way to hide a gun.they attack places that they know there are no weapons involved in there where firearms in a so-called gun-free zone it would make them think twice you don’t see these shooters going after places that carry firearms they attack the weak places like schools. I have been in an active shooter drill and I feel like they aren’t really close to the real thing. I feel like we wouldn’t have enough time to announce the situation if it was an internal threat. A shooter wouldn’t pull out a gun when everybody is in a classroom with locked doors. They would wait for bells to ring and everybody to walk out and then start. I think teachers should be allowed to carry firearms. People might say “you don’t know if they’re crazy?” Well, why would you hire a crazy person in the first place? By having some kind of firearm in the school it would make them think twice about going in and shooting place.