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What are your hometown’s shortcomings?

Every town has its problems. Especially Jerome, Michigan. I would hardly call it a town because there are not any stores or half decent restaurants. My mom has to drive 20 minutes to go to Kroger or Walmart to get groceries. The only Wi-Fi company available is Frontier Communications, and they have terrible service. The most annoying thing is Frontier says they have high speed internet but it isn’t “high speed” compared to Xfinity or other internet providers. Most of my classes rely on the Wi-Fi so it makes it hard to do work online because web pages load slowly. It is a nice place to live because it is a quiet community, but that’s pretty much all it has going for it. 

 By: Zachary Hoggard 

           One thing comes to my mind when I think of my town’s shortcomings: the roads here in Michigan and how bad they are. When living in a place where it snows, you expect the roads to be horrible with potholes all over the roads, but we still absolutely hate the roads. Everyone who lives in Michigan complains about the roads and how the companies who work on the roads will repave parts of roads that didn’t really need to be fixed, and leave the parts of the roads that desperately need to be fixed. They also take forever to fix the roads. There is a road near where I live that is named Patch and it is riddled with potholes, and one time when my parents and I were going down Patch, I said “no matter what this road is called Patch!” because of how bad it is and how riddled with potholes it is.

By: Rebecca Wenman