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Should Students Get Mental Health Days Off From School?

I think that all students deserve the option of a mental health day but only with proper cause. I think a student should have to be diagnosed with a mental illness to be given time off for it. Mental health issues are a very big problem throughout my school and America. I can’t help but think that school is a big contributor to these problems. School is extremely stressful at times, and students deserve time off for the problems that school unintentionally helps to create.

By: Kaden Konopka

Not so long ago, I felt that needed to take a day off of school to take care of my mental health. I don’t completely remember what I was feeling at that time, I just know that I was worried all the time. My school tried to be comprehensive, but I did not feel that they know how to deal with me at the moment. I had the support of my family and some close friends at that time, and that’s what didn’t make me freak out. Offering students mental health days, could help people understand how big mind sickness became in the 21st century, and starting to understand the problem is already a way to help.

By: Carol Santa Ana

I believe the students should get mental health days. We’re all just teens that want to have a little bit of fun and sometimes school takes all of our happiness away. It can be very stressful for kids that are looking for more of a laid back approach and sometimes it can feel like they’re forcing you to do something you don’t want to do. On top of all that work you have to get a good grade on it which is even more stressful. I think that these days should be limited but I believe we should have the option for a fully excused stress free day at least once a month. They shouldn’t be overused, but they should be there as an occasional option. My school doesn’t do anything about our mental health but I do wish they would take some action and step in because we know they all get stressed as well as we do. I think it could be a great opportunity for both students, parents, and faculty members to help ease the stress.

By: Caleb Sherman