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The New Teacher, Mrs. Rooney

All schools get new teachers eventually, but what do you do when your teacher quits right before schools start?

Mrs. Jody Rooney is Hanover- Horton High School’s new math teacher. Mrs.Rooney was hired a couple weeks after school started. Meanwhile, the classes started with a temporary teacher and lots of subs in the beginning. Mrs. Rooney will be teaching the Geometry and Algebra 1 and Algebra 2.

Mrs.Rooney is happily married to her husband Dan Rooney of 21 years. She has had 3 children. Two boys, 15 and 11 years old and one girl, 17 years old. Her two boys attend Western High School and her daughter attends Wooster College.  

Before Mrs.Rooney started working at Hanover -Horton High School she taught math at Jackson College.  Her favorite class to teach there was Calculus 1. She is not sure which job she liked better, working at the Jackson College or at Hanover Horton High School.

“They are both very different, not sure better or worse but college is more political” Rooney said.

Mrs. Rooney attended Michigan Technology University and the University of Michigan.  Earning her bachelor’s degree from Michigan Technology and her master’s degree from the University of Michigan.  

“Michigan Technology, I loved it there, I even met my husband there,” Rooney said.

She started teaching part-time for high schools in 1992. She took 8 years off from working to be a stay at home mom. She just started working again. She has been teaching a total of 18 years.

Since Mrs.Rooney is new at Hanover- Horton the students are still getting to know her.  Jessica Bissell is just getting used to her.

“She reviews things,” Bissell said. “It takes a while to get through notes and other materials,” Bissell said.

Bissell believes that she is a good person. She likes how Mrs.Rooney doesn’t make you turn in your homework the next day, that she gives you until the test day to turn it in.  

Some students have warmed up to her already and like her a lot.

Aubrey Everett is one of her Algebra 2 students. Everett likes the way she teaches because she takes her time and explains topics thoroughly, especially when someone doesn’t understand the topic.

“If we get a bad grade on something she won’t put it in until she absolutely has too, and she lets you retake quizzes if you don’t like your first grade,” Everett said.  

Everett likes her as a teacher and as a person, especially as a teacher.

“She knows what she is doing and she is good at it, mostly since she was a professor,” Everett said.