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Homecoming 2018



Your high school years are meant to be made memorable. They are supposed to be some of the best memories you’ll have throughout your life. The saying is you’ll miss it when it’s gone and this year is the year my class will be experiencing this. We are seniors and next year we will all be off to college and left with only the memories.

Some of the most exciting memories are made at the homecoming football game and the homecoming dance. This years homecoming was extra emotional and memorable Jeremy Vanepps.

Vanepps is the Hanover- Horton star quarterback, he proudly wears the number five. But unfortunately, his season ended sooner than friends and fans had hoped.

VanEpps’s season got cut short homecoming game due to a broken collarbone. “Not in a million years would I ever say that play was fair,” Vanepps said.

Dealing with the pain Vanepps still goes to every practice and game to support his brothers.

On top of being the quarterback of the football team on your homecoming senior year, this young man was supposed to be crowned Homecoming King that night but instead he was in the emergency room.

“I couldn’t say I thought I was going to be King because I was against all my friends and I knew they had every right to win also but it didn’t surprise me no. I would have been happy for any of the guys just like they were me” Vanepps said.

“Colin Zieman definitely made my night most memorable he scored twice that game and after the game held up my jersey. He’s not only my teammate he’s my brother.” Vanepps said. 

Thankfully Jeremy got to come back to the school after his safe and fast surgery and get to spend his shining moment with all his friends that are closest to him.

The lovely lady Allison Archer that was supposed to be walking with Jeremy ended up walking with one of her best friends Ellery Hill and her escort Carson French.

“If there was something I could change about the night it would be that Jeremy didn’t get hurt, not only because I was walking with him but because it’s his senior year and his season was just starting. Jeremy is a great quarterback that we need. But also because I didn’t want to walk by myself.” Archer said.

Archer was on the court before for homecoming her sophomore year. “This year was far more memorable than last time I was on the court but this years homecoming was far more memorable than a lot of things. It was a night I will probably never forget.” Archer said.

“Being on the court with my best friends Ellery Hill and Emily Kughn was my favorite part of my night even though it would be really hard to choose because my night was almost perfect. But being on the court with my best friends topped it off.” Archer said.

Judy Rector was crowned queen that night. She is a cross country runner who after high school wishes to pursue that skill in college. She is known in Hanover and other cities around for her running and academic success.

“I think the qualities that helped me get on the court were I’m easy going and get along well with most everyone. I don’t really have a specific group of friends at school. I’m kind of a drifter, I love talking to anyone and everyone.” Rector said.

Being nice and talking to everyone will do you justice in high school. Even if Judy had not been on the court, she still has amazing qualities that make a person successful.

“When being crowned I was really happy. That was something I never had envisioned happening to me while I’m in high school. It was cool to know I had a lot of people that were supporting me.” Rector said.

Judy is involved in cross country, track, and National Honors Society. She has many friends and fans that voted for her that night and she was definitely most deserving.  

“I didn’t think I would be on the court. I had not been on it before like everyone else had but I had always thought it would be a fun thing to experience in high school. I was happy that I would get to walk with Donovon which was cool because we’ve been friends since middle school. The girls on the court had so many little girls come up to us and tell us how beautiful our dresses looked and it honestly made my heart melt. I remember being little and thinking all the girls on the court looked like princesses.”

Homecoming is meant to be made memorable and meant to have so much fun. That is exactly what Vanepps, Rector, and Archer did. Made their last homecoming for high school the best one yet.