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Do You Wear Clothes for the Logo?

By Maxwell Scanlon
  I do not wear clothes for the logo. I think that is dumb because you are buying a product just to advertise it. I buy clothes if they are comfortable or not. If there’s a logo on a comfortable piece of clothing, then yes I will buy it. Otherwise, I will not. It doesn’t matter if the logo is big or not, if the piece of material is comfortable then I will buy it. I have never tried to hide a logo. A lot of my friends buy clothing just for the logo. I do not feel pressured to keep up, I just let them do their thing. I have never judged someone for the logo they have on their clothes. I feel like people who wear clothes with known logos do it to gain their confidence. I am not affected by what designers say because there are more people in this generation than just me and everyone is different.
By Jenna Jessup
   Sometimes I wear clothes for the logo. Clothes with logos that we are are Pink, Adidas, Nike, Under Armor. If I needed to dress up nice I could consider wearing the clothes in the picture, but I’m not that type of dressy person. Never have I tried to hide a logo on clothes I wear. Yes, my friends wear clothes with logos on them. Never do I feel pressure to wear clothes with logos on it. No, I don’t judge others if they don’t have a logo on them
By Jazlyn Gray
  I think that some logos have become very important in our world today, but personally, I like the style more. I wear what I feel good in, despite the logo the clothing displays. I’ll admit that sometimes I do care what brand I wear, but it’s not that important to me. I like Nike and Adidas, but I don’t care as much as to buy only those brands. Just shoes, mostly. I do believe that for many people, this has become a problem. There are robberies and obsessions with clothing brands. There is this one song I know that is all about how a kid steals money to buy these brands and it shows people who have obsessions with them. The companies with these logos make a LOT of money. But mostly for me, I like to wear what I am comfortable in.