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Did You Take Part in Any Thanksgiving or Post-Holiday Traditions?

 By Lauren Hassenzahl
   My favorite Thanksgiving traditions are my mom and I always cook Wednesday night and Thursday morning and we eat at noon than at 5:30 pm we go to Walmart to start Black Friday shopping. I think that as I keep getting older I will keep helping my mom with dinner then go shopping with her. When I went Black Friday shopping my mom and I did a little of both.
 By Brinna Melling
   My thoughts on the turkey trots are that is probably the dumbest thing ever invented. Like, why would you want to get up early on a holiday and go run in the cold? On days like Thanksgiving, all I wanna do is sleep and eat all day and relax. The events are probably popular because people either like to run or just want to get together and do something as a family. I did not go black Friday shopping because I like my sleep and staying up that late would probably kill me. I like to have the meal with my family on Thanksgiving because the food is always really good and I like to see family members I don’t usually see. I think as an adult I would still enjoy the meal the most out of anything because I love Thanksgiving food and I love to eat.
 By Ashlin Schnell
   I like the idea of the Turkey Trots because they are good ways for an active family’s to do something together that they enjoy. I think that these events are popular because it can become a tradition and can encourage kids to be active. My family is very into Black Friday, we go both Thursday night and Friday morning we go to local stores, we all don’t enjoy looking online. My favorite Thanksgiving traditions would be walking around downtown Boyne City and getting the free foods and drinks the stores offer for the Christmas parade. I do not know what traditions I will continue as an adult because I do not know where I will live therefore I do not know what will be around me.