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Would You Like to Be Famous?

What makes life meaningful is how you make the small things into a big thing. I agree with that but I also that what makes life meaningful is your perspective on the little things and you see as a big thing. What makes me feel like my life is important is all of my friends and family that support me and help me when I need help and I would take that anyday over people who are only my friend for my fame and money. If I were to become famous I would want to be a pro basketball player.  Jacob Sauber

I never wanted to be famous and I still don’t. When I am older I would like to serve in the Marine Corps. I would like to be an 0321(Reconnaissance Marine), and this is a hard MOS to be assigned. I do not plan to become a famous Marine such as Carlos Hathcock, but I hope that I can find the satisfaction from serving my country that a I have heard about from so many veterans.   Javier Webb