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Leaders In Our Community

The Hanover-Horton National Honor Society is a group of select students who help out the community with different service projects and volunteer hours each month.  Each member is responsible to complete four hours of volunteer work each month.  The students work together to make the community a better place.

“National Honor Society helps the community through community service, which is required by all members,” secretary Sydney Davis-Green said. “I have to be organized and have excellent written and verbal skills,” Davis-Green said.

“Each member has to have four hours of community service per month. Each member helps the community in the same way and the group has a couple of service projects that helps the community as well,” member Talia Swartout said.

“It impacts the community around us by letting the members volunteers more.  I volunteer on a regular basis anyways,” member Sadie Finegan said.

The National Honor Society works together to come up with new ideas and plan many different service projects to make the community a better place to live.  

“We do a Leukemia Foundation fundraiser every year to help those in need,” said Finegan.  The community often gives back to the National Honor Society.“In return, the community participates in most of our fundraisers to help us raise money,” Finegan said.  

Davis-Green plans to make the National Honor Society grow by helping members get hours and to be a role model.   

Davis-Green states she enjoys being secretary because “I am part of a great group and I get to work with my classmates.”  Her advice to the incoming secretary is to take the job seriously and keep track of hours.

“I like being able to help out the community and being a good role model for the underclassmen and future Nation Honor Society members. Many people look up to the students in National Honor Society, and I am very proud to be a part of something so great,” said Finegan.

“I’ve always wanted to serve in my community, and it looks good on a college application,” Swartout said.

National Honor Society at Hanover Horton High School, helps all around their community, to make it a great place to live.