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What Acts of Kindness Have You Witnessed or Participated In?


Around this time of year my youth group at church will go out and rake leaves for those who can’t take care of them their self. Bailey was friendly to everyone she met. The neighbors knew how much the dog met to her owner so they wanted to help in finding Bailey. Not everyone in the world is bad and that if their own dog went missing they would want other people to help find it.


I have witnessed random acts of kindness. But I think the people of the neighborhood were so willing to help find Bailey because the people just had good qualities that made them a good person overall. It is obviously a great neighborhood. I have seen people do good acts of kindness, holding doors open for people, and many other things that just help out a little bit.


I have experienced something like that in the article. I live on a farm and have cattle that get out every once in a while. One time when 5 of our cows got out, we called all of our neighbors to come help us catch them. Most of them came within 10 minutes and helped us without thinking twice. The people in the article were willing to help so fast because it is a nice thing to do and Ms. Le Pape’s dog was probably friendly to everyone. Their actions suggest that they are really good people and will help in any situation. Also, when our neighbors need help with something, my family and I help in any way that we can.