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Have You Ever Been Told You Couldn’t Do Something Because of Your Gender?


I have never felt that I couldn’t do something because of my gender. I have witnessed our school try and tell girls what they can and can’t wear. I can’t do much as a student so I don’t do anything but I think it is pretty unfair that our dictates what a student wears.


When I was little my dad told me I could do anything I set my mind to, I myself have not had a personal encounter with a gender barrier. One of my friends in middle school was told she could not join the football team because she was a “girl” it crushed her, she wanted to play the sport she loved so much only to be told she could not play the sport she loved so dearly.


I, as a female, have been told many times that I couldn’t do something just because I am a girl. One of the times was when my dad was bailing straw for our animals and he needed help. My grandpa thought it was a bad idea because I was 13 at the time and he thought I couldn’t handle it. I proved him wrong by doing it anyways and actually did a good job at it. Every year now I help my dad and some family friends with their hay and straw. I have witnessed other girls being told they can’t do something just because they are a girl. One of those times was at a tractor driving contest and a girl entered. Everyone was saying that girls can’t drive them as well as guys can and she proved them wrong by winning the whole contest.


I have never been told I couldn’t do something based on my gender. Other than when I was little and I was playing with my neighbors and they would joke with me and say I couldn’t do something like climb a tree or kick a ball as far as the boys, but nine times out of ten I proved them wrong and did it. As I have gotten older gender discrimination has become a large part of every female’s life, including mine, but like I did when I was a kid, do what everyone says you can’t do and prove them wrong.


I have never been told I couldn’t do something because of my gender. Also, I have never witnessed anyone be discriminated because of their gender. This problem needs to be stopped everywhere.