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Do Teachers Assign Too Much Homework?


It depends on the teacher and the day if there is too much homework. Homework causes stress and tension for me. It can sometimes get in the way of sleep and activities and I can sometimes manage it. If I have homework, I finish it in a quiet room alone listening to music. I think it is bad when there is too much, if the material is useless, and when it is busy work and not something we need.


The amount of homework honestly depends on how much I get done at school. Sometimes I don’t feel like doing my work during school so I’ll save it for home, but other times when I have something scheduled I will try to get as much work done as I can during school. I do all of my own work with very little to no help from my parents and my sister is at college and she doesn’t really remember how to do Pre-Calculus and Pre-Calc is over my parents head. I usually get my homework done before I go to bed and if I don’t I usually only have a few problems left so I save them until I get to school. Homework comes before anything else so if I don’t finish my homework I don’t go to my scheduled event.


Our teachers in our school don’t assign too much homework, but they always have tests on the same day. This causes me to stay up late studying for three different tests that I have the next day. It causes some stress because I want to do well in school and end up getting stressed. Sometimes it gets in the way of my sleep and extracurricular activities I always plan around my school schedule. I try to get my homework done at school so I can have more time at home to do other things, but sometimes I can’t get it all done. I usually try to do it when someone is around so if I need help I can get it.