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The Small Town of Hanover

The Small Town of Hanover

A soft breeze blows through the trees

Leaves fall onto the road with elegant ease

Plump and gobbling turkeys scramble across the black top

As car waits patiently at a complete stop

One, two, and then ten more cross over

This is a common occurrence in the town of Hanover

A town so small that it can’t be found on a map

Unless you have a magnifying glass the size of a bear trap

In a town so small, everyone knows each other

We’re all so close, you would think we are sisters or brothers

Outside your window a deer wanders by

Chewing on your shrubbery with a watchful eye

Everyone knows when it is time to plant the fields
As the air reeks of manure, to which nobody is appealed

A swarm of birds headed south for the winter

Turning the sky black, like a jammed inkjet printer

Wildflowers grow everywhere you look

It’s so magical, like it’s from a fairy tale book

Everyone groans and everyone grumbles

When they get stuck behind a tractor that makes a loud rumble

We get more days off from extreme cold

That a call from the school never gets old

Rabbits, woodchucks, and raccoons galore

The streets always have some roadkill gore

To go shopping you have to hop in the car

And drive about thirty minutes, which is pretty far

So the next time you think of a new destination
Remember this poem, full of persuasion

Look for the small town of Hanover to visit

I promise you, it is just simply exquisite