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H-H Writers

Rural Home

Fields upon fields as far as the eye can see,

Only disrupted by a single tree,

A small town many people may not like,

But it’s a perfect place to ride your bike,

To see all of the gorgeous changing trees,

And feel the cool fall breeze,

You never can quite tell,

If it is cow manure you can smell,

It’s a place people go through without blinking an eye,

The ones who stayed and enjoyed it aren’t going to lie,

That our hometown is one of a kind,

That is not the easiest place to find,

With lots of businesses that compete with each other,

Even if the other one is owned by your mother,

Everyone knows everything that happened,

Trust me, your ego will be flattened,

Whether you did it or not,

You will get brought in quite a lot,

Always with the same kids all throughout school,

No one really is all that cool,

We all know each other in this town,

So come on in and sit down,

We don;t say no to strangers,

But I can’t promise that there won’t be dangers,

Stay for a while, after all this is the best place around