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Is the Female Dress Code Fair?

A school’s dress code is often a subject for debate. There are many people who feel several different ways when speaking about this subject. How can the school please all the people and keep the environment conducive to learning? They can’t, so they do what they feel is going to work best to meet in the middle and create a learning environment that meets moral standards and yet allows the student’s to express individuality.

When preparing kids for the professional world, a dress code is in fact a good idea. Generally, wherever you work or whatever career you decide to pursue, there will be a dress code that will need to be followed. Learning how to do this at an early age will only benefit the students.

Schools often have kick back when they decide on a dress code. Some feel it may be too strict, while others feel it may allow for distracting attire.

According to Rachael Clark, a private sector educator, the dress code is fair and easy to follow.

“I feel the Hanover-Horton dress code is fair and easy to follow for most people. However, a bit flawed in a few areas. I think the summer attire has a tendency to be on the strict side.”

“I feel the girls should be allowed to wear shorts that are not as long as currently required. I feel they should allow for the shorts to be a bit shorter, however, staying within reason and classy.” Clark said.

One of the rules that are the least popular at Hanover-Horton High School is the rule regarding leggings and or yoga pants. These types of pants are not allowed to be worn unless there is a shirt worn with them that is 4 inches above the knee. Many feel this rule exists because boys find it distracting and would rather look at the girls than concentrate on their work.

According to a male senior at Hanover –Horton High School, girls should be allowed to wear what they feel comfortable in.

“Honestly, guy’s dress code is way more lenient. I feel for the girls, everything is so society based already, everybody wears leggings, so why can’t the girls wear them in class without feeling objectified by the boys.”

“Teachers think us guys get distracted by what girls are wearing, but truthfully, we are not concerned about it at all.” He said.

Lindsay Vansumeren, a sophomore at Hanover-Horton, feels the dress code is unfair towards girls.

“I understand where they are coming from with the rule, however it doesn’t make sense. When we are in gym class, we can wear spandex, short shorts, running pants and it is fine, but when we step out of gym class, we get ridiculed for wanting to wear the same thing we just wore in front of the same population we have other classes with.”

“There are many times it is extremely hot in the school and there is no air conditioning. I feel if the school would invest in air conditions, enforcing the strict summer dress code would be easier for the teachers and us kids would be much more willing to follow it.”

Teenage expression is something that will always have pros and cons. As teens continue to learn about themselves, who they are and what they believe in, they will go through phases of dress. If it is too short of shorts, too tight of a skirt or a nose ring, the phases will come and go. It should be the responsibility of the parents and the public school to teach girls to respect themselves as they go through the trials and error of finding out who they are and what they believe in. If self-expression was given free reign, you would have girls coming to school in bathing suits or less. School is a place to prepare teenagers for the real world that is quickly approaching. A girl/woman, would not show up to an office of an executive in booty shorts and belly shirts, so it makes sense for the school to enforce a dress code that will prepare students for their future. In doing so, it seems an investment in air conditioning would make the process much simpler.