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The small town that is even smaller on the map.

The community that nobody has heard of.

For those who live in hanover

They know the magic that connects each and everyone of us.

There are not many of us that live along the corn fields or the little lakes

We all come together,

In good times and bad.

The Fourth of July is unique to Hanover.

In the warm brisk air we celebrate with a parade,

Firetrucks, little kids riding bikes, police cars, and of course tractors.

People are filled with joy, celebrating our country.

We have lost special lives,

You are missed Austin Fountain and Kyle Ames.

You are always remembered.

Our small high school of about 400 acquires many talents.

One the court, the field, the track, and in the classroom as well.

Hanover-Horton scored the highest SAT scores in Jackson county this past year.

The Graduating class of 2016 was awarded with over 2 million dollars in scholarships.

We dominate in sports.

The cross country boys team of 2016 placed 3rd in the state.

As well as their coach, Dean Blackledge, being awarded coach of the year in all of Michigan.

People gather around the lit football field on friday nights with hot cocoa in hand.

The volleyball team made it to district finals, with everybody excited.

Last years track team made school history,

Both boys and girls won the Cascade Conference in the same year.

We have welcomed many exchange students into the school as well.

One that I now call my best friend.

But not only is the school unique,

The open roads are too.

It is normal to be postponed by a large farm tractor while traveling.

Even some students drive their tractors to school on the last day.

There are tons of deer that flood the roads.

That’s why almost half of our school is absent on opening day.

These things make this small town unique.

Growing up in this area has taught me many things.

And I am very proud to be a Hanover comet.

Go HH!