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Hometown Poem

Hometown Poem

Address 49241

Small town, few people

Frozen Winters

When snowmobilers are out and about

And children are building snowmans

Hot Summers

When everyone is at a lake somewhere

And houses get TPed

Town Festivities

With fireworks and elephant ears

Tons of candy from trick or treating

Kids running through corn mazes

And parades lining the streets

Outstanding Athletics

15 year district champs for Boys Basketball

2 year state champs for Girls Cross Country

Many, many regional titles

And countless individual state qualifiers


Best SAT scores in the county


Pep assemblies that get crazy

Tons of fun games

Float building on the weekends

Parade before the game

And hanging with your friends when you get there

A real small town

That not many people have heard of

But lots of memorable moments

Address 49214