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The smell of cow manure and apples,

The sight of camouflage and deer all over the place,

The feeling of teamwork and compassion,

The taste of fresh produce and peanuts,

The sound of people working on their farms and for equality.


A welcoming community

With very little diversity in any form,

A team effort of hundreds for others

With helping victims of Flint water and Hurricane Sandy

And getting things to send to our veterans on the holidays.


A place where you can be yourself

Even in public areas, you don’t have to worry about being judged.

A place where you have a safe haven,

Be it in athletics, clubs, or the arts.


This is the place I take with me

Even when I’m far from home.

I often think to myself…

“There’s no place like home”

My home will be Jackson

No matter where I go, or how many people I meet

This small city in Michigan

Is my home, no matter what I encounter

For now…

And forever.

Jackson, Michigan is and always will be