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New Weight Room Benefits



Mr. Johnnie Stewart has been the Hanover-Horton High School gym/weight-training teacher for the past 18 years and counting. There has been an addition to the school and that is a new weight room.

“The new weight room has made my job a lot easier,” Stewart said. “I can now help my students and players train more efficiently.”

The school weight room has steadily been making minor improvements every single school year. It has added a surround sound music system, a whiteboard, and vending machine.

“We will be adding new flat screen TV’s to the weight room that will be playing every game during March Madness.”

The students at Hanover-Horton are much pumped about the new additions and weight room. Scott Boden, a three sport H-H athlete loves the new weight room.

“It allows me to have more access to equipment that we didn’t have in the old one,” Boden said. “There are now six new benches for bench press and that is my favorite exercise. In the previous one it was just two.”

With the new additions in the weight room students are wondering how to get big fast. Boden stated that he felt motivated with the new equipment and has more question about the Hanover-Horton weight room. Mr. Matt Resor is an Exercise and nutrition expert at the school.

“Students that are trying to get big should lift for power. Power is very low repetitions and very high weight. You should fail when lifting for power and you should also be consistent.” Mr. R


As the years go by the Hanover-Horton weight room will continue to get better. As a result more and more students should be motivated to work out more, resulting in a stronger student body. Stewart is very pumped about the addition, because he is also the head football coach and believes that it will help out the football program which has not had a very successful program in the past.


“I am looking forward to the upcoming Hanover teams,” he said. “We will change the face of Hanover-Horton football.”