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Varsity Volleyball Sets the Bar High

Varsity volleyball at Hanover-Horton has been going strong. Last year was Miss Travis’s last season as head coach of the Lady Comets volleyball team, but this year the team has a new coach, Mrs. Chris Hobson.

Chris Hobson is an alumni of Hanover-Horton and she has also played for the team.“This is my fourteenth season coaching at a high school level,” Mrs. Chris Hobson, head coach said.

Some of the players have been playing volleyball for Hanover-Horton since their freshman year and some have even played for the previous coach. Miss Travis and Mrs. Hobson have very different coaching styles.

“Yes they are very different, Coach Hobson is not a yeller and considers her style of play “old school”, Mindi Walker, senior said.

“I don’t feel like they compare me to Miss Travis. We have different coaching styles and philosophies that the players are learning. I feel that the team has done a wonderful job welcoming me, even though many knew me prior to coaching, and working hard at what my expectations are for the team moving forward,” Mrs. Hobson said.

On the court the team is close and work well together, but life outside of the court the team is not close and they seem to be in separate worlds. There are strengths and weaknesses to every team, for the Lady Comets, communication is their weakness.

“Outside of volleyball some of us aren’t really close, but as a team we get along and work well together so there’s not really cliques,” Walker said, “our team needs to work on our communication on the floor and not getting down on ourselves,” Walker also said.

There are many positions in volleyball to play, for example, setters, blockers, and laberoes.

“A labero is a defensive player that only plays in the back, they don’t have to sub in with other players,” Elle Redman, senior said, “the position I play is setter.”

Not everyone goes on play at the college level, but Elle Redman, who has been playing volleyball since sixth grade, is hoping to play at the next level.

“I hope to play for Spring Arbor University or Lansing Community College,” Redman said.

childs-varsity-volleyball-pictureThere aren’t many freshman players that makes the varsity team their first year of high school, but this year Kanadee Krage is one of the team’s setters.

“I think having a freshman as a setter has its advantages and disadvantages because she is a little more inexperienced, but has a lot of potential and time to develop,” Walker said.