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Underestimated Sport

“Creating a better world, one student at a time,” is the Hanover-Horton motto.

A small home town country area you wouldn’t expect the amazing scholastic and sports achievements we have made. From the great teaching staff to the coaching staff, all students are expected to achieve greatness.

“Sideline cheer-leading is highly underestimated,” Becca Faling, senior said. “Our team works hard at every practice to cheer our best,”

For all the sports Hanover-Horton is known for, sideline cheer-leading is not one of them. We strive for greatness but the sport is much underestimated.

“The sport looked fun and seemed like a good hooray for senior year, it was much more difficult than I expected,” Kalyn Thompson, senior said.

Sideline cheer had been around for years, sideline cheer is nothing like competitive cheer. The difference in the amount of danger that the competitive girls go through opposed to sideline girls is indescribable.

“I have done sideline for a long time now, it doesn’t really compare to competitive,” Brooke Vilminot, senior said.

The program has gone through its share of coaches and has finally found one that will stick with the girls. “She kind of saved us last year,” Faling said.

As previous competitive cheer-leading coach did not coach anymore the girls were left without a coach and hopeless.

“We try to be civil with each other but it is difficult,” Vilmonot said. Girls are all known sometimes for their argumentative traits so being on a cheer squad with almost ten other girls’ makes patience for them run low.

“Practice isn’t every day, it gives me time to have a life and do other things,” Thompson said.

Students have jobs, sports and other activities that they have to attend, the coach gives the girls days off during the week, which helps them tremendously academically.