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Community Service Club

Throughout our community, the Community Service Club has been running for 11 years in order to make our the Hanover-Horton area a better place. Over these years, the leading adviser has been Mrs. Jacquelyn Melling.

“It was a great idea to start the Community Service Club to help better this town.” Mrs. Melling said.

Volunteerism is a difficult concept to monetize because the myriad ways volunteers contribute are not always measurable.  But in looking at what is quantifiable, Independent Sector estimates, an hour of volunteer time in 2013 was worth $22.55 per hour. Derived from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ database of job functions and mean wages, this calculation is a way to assign a monetary value to the time your students donate. To compare how much time your student is giving away free labor.

“The best thing about the Community Service Club is that as a whole we get a satisfaction of knowing that our students are helping others just out of kindness of their hearts.

But it was a slower start compared to other clubs. At first it was hard to cooperate with other organizations to help the community, due to lack of experience. However, it has grown into a greater and bigger organization.

Two seniors Becca Faling and Allie Rasmussen, seniors, have been apart of the community service club for four years. During two of those years Rasmussen has been president and Faling has been vice president.

“My favorite thing about CSC is I get to better my community while spending time with my friends.” Rasmussen said.

Both Rasmussen and Faling agreed the biggest benefit of the Community Service Club is working with other teens to make a difference in our community.

“I wanted to be vice president because I wanted to help lead the CSC to do great things.” Faling said. “

As the school year goes on here at Hanover-Horton the Community Service Club has great things planned to better this area.