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2019 Homecoming

  On October 18, 2019 the Comet football team played Vandercook Lake in their homecoming game and they beat Jayhawks. Making it Victory for all the Comets. Hanover court members the freshman representatives were Travis Drennan and Rebecca (Becca) Uphaus. Gabe French and Kelly Fielder are representing the sophomores. Representing the juniors are Dean Reynolds and Emily Potts. Last bu…

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By Megan Schittenhelm & Sydney Andrulis

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A & E

  • Susan B. Anthony Awards
    Congratulations to Aryanna Henry she won the 2018 Susan B. Anthony Art Scholarship Award from the Jackson Women’s
  • 2016 Year in Review
    Sadie F. and Claire C. In 2016 the perfect it couple was Brad and Angelina Jolie Pitt, After six kids, who knew they wou
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    Behind the Scenes
    2016’s theater group has yet to perform another incredible play this winter. Instructor, Ms. Theresa Kuhrt, revealed t
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    Marching Forward
      The marching band at Hanover-Horton is in full swing this fall.  The band director, Mr. Gary Rouster, is getting


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    4-H’s Helping Hand
    By Shelby Boden I pledge my head for clearer thinking, my heart for greater loyalty, my hands for larger service, and my
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    Leaders In Our Community
    The Hanover-Horton National Honor Society is a group of select students who help out the community with different servic
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    The Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) or formerly known as Gay Straight Alliance, has a new leader this year. Alex Stovall
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    Homecoming 2016
    As the school year begins, the students at Hanover- Horton look forward  to fall.  High school students love attendin
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    Community Service Club
    Throughout our community, the Community Service Club has been running for 11 years in order to make our the Hanover-Hort


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    Varsity Volleyball 2019
    I am a tall athlete who loves to play I wonder if I could go big one day I hear the crowd cheering I see the ball flying
  • Cheering for Change
    If you were to watch a football game, you would see cheerleaders lining the sidelines, decked out in pretty bows with sm
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    HH Girls Golf
    The Hanover-Horton girl’s golf team is really something special. They are dominating the conference and are having fun
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    JV Volleyball
    It’s another year for the girls at Hanover- Horton High School to represent the JV volleyball team. They are having a
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    Varsity Volleyball Sets the Bar High
    Varsity volleyball at Hanover-Horton has been going strong. Last year was Miss Travis’s last season as head coach of t
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    Underestimated Sport
    “Creating a better world, one student at a time,” is the Hanover-Horton motto. A small home town country area you wo

Student Life

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    2019 Homecoming
      On October 18, 2019 the Comet football team played Vandercook Lake in their homecoming game and they beat Jayhawk
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    Officer Roe
    Being arrested at a young age can affect many people in different ways. One is having the person change their actions an
  • Homecoming 2018
        Your high school years are meant to be made memorable. They are supposed to be some of the best memories y
  • Does Grammar Still Matter in the Age of Twitter?
    By Trent Finegan   I think my grammar is pretty good. I use good grammar in everyday life, besides on text. I don’
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    Homecoming 2017
    As fall approaches, the students at Hanover-Horton look forward to Friday night football games. This year, the game the
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    The Next Step
    My goal is to earn an Associate’s degree from Ferris State University in Criminal Justice. I don’t want to work



H-H Writers

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    What are your hometown’s shortcomings?
    Every town has its problems. Especially Jerome, Michigan. I would hardly call it a town because there are not any stores
  • Hometown
    Hanover The small town that is even smaller on the map. The community that nobody has heard of. For those who live in ha
  • The Small Town of Hanover
    The Small Town of Hanover A soft breeze blows through the trees Leaves fall onto the road with elegant ease Plump and go
  • Hometown Poem
    Hometown Poem Address 49241 Small town, few people Frozen Winters When snowmobilers are out and about And children are b
  • Home
    Home… The smell of cow manure and apples, The sight of camouflage and deer all over the place, The feeling of teamwork
  • My Hometown
    We ride our tractors to school, Even if we aren’t allowed. We leave our fields un-plowed, For next years farming folk.

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